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Whatsapp Marketing

Why WhatsApp Business Application?

Whatsapp provides business owners with a lot of exclusive features to promote the products and services which are listed as follows:

Copyrights: Our designs and websites are copyrighted to a specific client and we assure you the same design and output will not be given to any other. Such designs are fixed with the

  • Catalog: We can create catalogs through a WhatsApp business account. The catalog includes images of the products, the price of the product, and descriptions about the products too. We can forward the same to our customers as a promotional activity.
  • Logo: We can create a business profile using a WhatsApp account to make the customers aware of the business we undertake. They also display our profile with the letter “B” to insist it is a business account.
  • Greeting Message: This is a default message option in which we can send any message to our customers with a default greetings message with our company name, welcome, etc.,
  • Status: We can also create our status in such a way to promote the business to reach customers frequently. Instead of sending messages, we can create a status about the day’s offers and discounts.
  • Away Message: The away message is another default option in which we can establish our current status to the customers of about our business operations timings, how and when to reach us etc., If a customer reaches us by this time, we can send a default message to customers to keep them in the track.
  • Quick Reply: Quick reply is one of the useful options where we can create some template messages with short notes. For instance, if we need to tell a customer about the mode of payments through which a transaction can be taken place. We need not type all the contents repeatedly. Instead, we can create a template in one word like “payment”. Whenever we type payment and send it to our customers, it automatically replies to a default template message with all the information related to payment and makes our work simpler.
  • Group Chats: We can create different groups to promote products and services to enhance business operations. It also opens up as a forum for discussions with others and resolves the problems directly.
  • Broadcasts: This is also a kind of group chat where customers are created as groups but function as individual chats. This enables customers to contact business owners in private chats.

Modern Day Business:

Modern-day business is progressed mainly with the use of WhatsApp. Business people can make use of it with cost effective measures. The ultimate core benefit of any business promotional activity is to reach a customer conversion rate. The goal of reaching customer conversion rate is monitored using the statistics option of the application. It also helps us to understand customer tastes and preferences then and there to implement in our decisions. It has given the enormous option of creating videos about our products and voice messages to cover up the customers. One who utilizes WhatsApp marketing effectively can win the business world in a quick time.

Whatsapp marketing can be taken as a mini-website opportunity free of cost as it gives the customers all the information related to our business. Whatsapp in recent days has created opportunities to undergo payment features which have sensed huge importance. The only thing we must keep in mind while sending business-related information is it should be creative and attractive to reach the customer to react to it in a fairway.

When comparing to other forms of digital marketing, WhatsApp is considered to be sound and the most effective channels of promotion. As the progression of WhatsApp takes our business to end of the business world, we must give authentic information about the business and satisfy the customer’s tastes and preferences with periodical surveys.