SMS Marketing Services

Who is the Sender?

The SMS marketing campaign can be still designed with a brand name of which it should reach the customers or recipients. The name in which the customers receive the SMS has many advantages of high open rates and high conversion rates. So, many business houses concentrate more on which name they send the SMS to the customers. It will give the customer belief in the content the message brings in. Instead of keeping signboards and hoardings, the name that carries in the SMS marketing campaign has huge potentials and wider reach with the targeted audience. A business house from small scale to large industries promotes their company name or brand name to register them in the minds of the customer. There are 2 major classifications for Sender names in the bulk SMS concepts as discussed below:

  • Sender ID: Sender ID is one of the familiar options used by business houses to promote their products and services by carving their company name or brand name as the sender of the SMS. Normally, the sender is allowed to keep a 6 digit word as the name of the sender through which the customer receives the SMS. The 6 digit word is chosen by the sender and it will be authorized after confirmation from the service provider. Before launching the campaign, companies prefer to fix up the Sender Id and give it for approval from the service provider. As it will take 3 to 4 hours for approval, the process will be undergone before the schedule of an SMS marketing campaign. The Sender ID must be framed in such a way that it should represent the company name or the brand name fairly.
  • SIM Based Sender ID: SIM-based sender name is the option in which the sender name of the SMS is carved with specific numbers provided by the service providers. Senders or business owners can choose such numbers of their own choice to reach the customers. Generally, it will be a 6 digit number and differ as per service providers' options. Even such numbers develop customer’s interest to read the SMS which in turn increases open rates and conversion rates.

SMS Marketing Campaign on Board:

SMS Marketing in this modern world plays a vital role to bring in customers to the business houses in person or online. The only magic that makes SMS marketing a miraculous one is, it is considered the cheapest means of marketing meeting a large audience in a short time. Such SMS packages can be opted frequently based on the business model we follow with. If the letter limits exceed the given limit of 160 letters, then it will be considered as a 2nd message counted in the package. So, a sender generally prefers limiting their words with sufficient information. When the message is crispy with the required information, then it is considered to be effective. One of the most highlighted factors that makes SMS Marketing populous is it works even in offline mode. Customers are not demanded to be online to seek the SMS. Thus, SMS Marketing plays an integral source of marketing channels of business houses in the digital world.