Web Hosting Services in Chennai

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the process of storing your files, websites on a web server to make them visible on the internet. The websites developed will share a space in servers from the localhost and make it visible to the whole world through the internet. We can rent a space in such physical computers based on our needs and storage capacity. These servers allow users to view our websites with greater speed and in high resolution on the web. A specific domain name will be given to the clients who enable end-users to view the website launched on the server.

These web servers are generally high-powered computers and are also called Data Centers.

Squaiz’s Suggestions to the Clients to host the Websites:

Squaiz develops large numbers of websites and mobile apps with extensive features to launch them in the perfect web servers. Squaiz differentiates servers into 5 categories where clients can choose the right one as per the recommendations and requirements. Following are the various server space classifications listed for your reference:

Shared Hosting: We suggest hosting small websites which require a limited space in the server to opt for shared hosting to launch your websites. Here in shared hosting, we can see multiple users shares a common space in the server. Our services are provided for multiple users, the access speed will be good enough to view across the internet world.

VPS Hosting: VPS Hosting is also a shared hosting process of multiple user’s concepts in the server except they are given separate partition to store the files related to the website where the performance will be high.

Cloud Hosting: We recommend cloud hosting to clients to choose cloud hosting to stay connected in the web any time in 365 days with a cluster of servers. Here, files are stored in two or more servers where if one server fails to display your websites on the web, the other server stays responsible to display it. So, our websites will be always connected to the web without any defaults.

WordPress Hosting: Our WordPress hosting is recommended for all the websites developed using WordPress themes and platforms with a specific server for e-commerce applications.

Dedicated Hosting: Our dedicated hosting is physical computers given to your websites to store their files to display on the internet with a unique space in the servers. Here, the hosting server is dedicated to you completely by sharing the space with any user. If we are developing large data access websites, we recommend suiting dedicated hosting to enjoy quick load time and greater performance.