Content management system in chennai

Content Management System

Content Management System, shortly known as CMS is a familiar web-based application that runs in the browser and supports any individuals to create, manage, modify, edit and publish contents within their websites without demanding any programming skills. If websites are developed using the CMS model, the website owners or business houses can change or edit contents like text, images, videos displayed in the front end without seeking developers' help. The dependency of developers and designers are minimized while creating CMS and they can be utilized to polish the website's user interface more attractive. There are 2 major components that construct a CMS as listed below:

  • Content Management Application: Content Management Application is the core of CMS which helps in create, edit and publish content in the front end of the website without touching the coding parts of the website.
  • Content Delivery Application: The Content Delivery Application is the actual back end of your application which controls the logic, stores data, and merges with the coding part of the website to display the functionalities with a good user interface design. CDA plays a vital role in editing and publishing content on websites.

Squaiz with best CMS Applications:

Squaiz technology provides an excellent CMS application with 2 populous types as Open source applications and proprietary CMS applications.

  • Open Source CMS Applications: Open-source applications are the most commonly used CMS models as it offers the free downloading packages with no charges collected for up-gradation in the future. These CMS applications have various user-friendly templates, compatible plugins, and extensions at cheaper rates. Examples of open source applications are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Prestashop which are very popular for their easy accessibility to develop our websites.
  • Proprietary CMS Applications: Proprietary CMS applications are also used in developing websites but it stands at an expensive part as charges are collected for downloading such applications and also there will be standard payments collected for any updates and for any support in future upgradations. Some of the commonly used proprietary CMS applications are Microsoft Share Point, IBM Enterprise Content Management, and Shopify.

Content Management System also helps small business owners to update instant offers and discounts or any information regarding their business proposals in quick time and avoids dependency with technical guys. As it’s a time-saving and cost-effective process, customers prefer to develop websites in CMS models. Even a nontechnical guy can handle and develop websites with CMS as it has default plug-ins and templates to design and manage content.