PHP Web Development Chennai

PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development is the core of any business house which is willing to build their business through websites. Around 80% of the websites developed and hosted through servers are constructed using PHP Scripting language. PHP is expanded as the Hypertext Pre Processor and also coined as the server-side scripting language. It's an open-source application that can be downloaded free of cost with pre-defined templates and easy to access in nature. Ecommerce applications, social media websites, and many online shopping websites are developed using PHP Codes with its database connector of MySql. The collected and accumulated data are stored in the database and in turn, it can be modified, edited, deleted, add or removed using MySql queries. PHP structures itself to work on with Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems with unique established servers and features. PHP Web

development came into existence in 1994 and specialized to create dynamic websites, template systems, cookies and sessions, eCommerce applications, etc., It is also framed as a user-friendly application that can be edited as per the tastes and preferences of the customers.

Squaiz and PHP Web Development:

Squaiz Technology develops websites with various frameworks and CMS applications using PHP with greater look and feels in the user interface.

As we all know, there are two major classifications comprised of web development such as static websites and dynamic websites.

  • Static websites are basic websites that have a default display as their core job and developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. They can be utilized for the viewers to just look at the information provided by the website owner.
  • Dynamic websites are developed with several functionalities connecting the front end with back end connectivity. These websites are basically interactive in nature. It collects data and processes information to make the business process smoother in the digital world.

Squaiz supports customers creating dynamic websites with all the modern-day features of collecting information, processing data, integrating payment modules in all the online shopping websites along with social media web applications. We develop websites using the PHP libraries or frameworks of Laravel, Symphony, Code igniter, Cake PHP, YII applications and also creates websites with CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and much more.

The uniqueness of websites developed using PHP codes is they can be modified and managed by the website owners for their promotional activities and the contents can be edited and published with new product launches, offers, discounts, etc., It is very simple and attractive in design with less time consuming and a cost-effective process. Websites developed using PHP are famously known for their user-friendly and customized approach.