Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce is termed as the business transaction between a buyer and a seller that takes place in online digital platforms of the internet world. Any business in the modern era can be successful, only when it is associated with E-commerce integrated websites in action. Ecommerce application stores are readily available in the online market where we can display the contents of our products and services. In addition to the display of our products and services, these Ecommerce applications support us to edit and manage contents, integrating payment modules including customer support and feedback models. Consumers can sit at their homes and transact in the online market for the purchase of goods and services. We can also develop our eCommerce store with basic programming codes and customize as per our needs and requirements.

Some of the popular Ecommerce stores that help business houses to create their online stores are Drupal commerce, Big-commerce, Woocommerce, Openkart, Magento, and Shopify. These applications give the base of our web store where we can integrate our product page and Add to Kart functionalities. Recently, Shopify scores high ratio in the market for its greater support to develop online stores with all the features of eCommerce applications. Although big players like Amazon came into eCommerce existence in the mid-90s, the integration of payment gateway such as Paypal in 2008 enhanced the online market to reach heights. PayUmoney, Razorpay, PayUbiz, and Paytm are the commonly used payment gateway modules integrated into eCommerce applications.

Squaiz in Ecommerce Development:

Squaiz Technology provides extensive hands in Ecommerce development to build the best online store for our clients. Following are the types of eCommerce application models we deal with :

  • B2B Model – Business to Business Model: eCommerce stores that connect the product manufacturers with business owners for selling the products in the online wholesale market is the B2B Ecommerce Development. can be referred to as a sample for such models.
  • B2C Model – Business to Consumer Model: eCommerce stores that sell the products and services from the business houses to consumers is the B2B Model. Online shopping zones that sell their products directly to consumers are coined as the Business to the consumer model of Ecommerce development.
  • C2C Model – Consumer to Consumer Model: An eCommerce store that is developed for buying and selling products through consumers themselves is Consumer to a consumer model of eCommerce development. can be referred to as an example of such a C2C model.
  • C2B Model – Consumer to Business Model: eCommerce store that is developed for serving business houses by the skills and services of the consumer is called as C2C model. For example, if the consumer is a photographer and sells the photos to required business houses for their websites and business promotions, then it can be termed as the C2B model of eCommerce development.

Thus, it is true that Ecommerce development is an integral part of business in the world of the digital revolution.