Corporate Video

Corporate Video is an audiovisual communication video designed and decorated for business promotions, corporate training, user manual description, safety tips, and other demanded services of the corporate business houses. These videos are presented as DVDs, Screening videos, social media displays, etc., These types of videos are produced mainly to attract a targeted audience for a specific purpose. The communications manager and marketing team heads play a vital role in creating Corporate Videos.

Merits of Corporate Videos:

  • Corporate Videos are created once and they can be viewed by a wider range of audiences.
  • It saves marketing costs and time.
  • It serves as a bridge between the client and business houses in the planning product description, schedules, and delivery.
  • It helps us a major medium of business thoughts in the B2B environment.
  • Adding videos to websites makes them more attractive and increases traffic and helps to enhance conversion rates.
  • Linking it with the SEO process ranks our site and videos on top of Google, Yahoo, Youtube, and other social media platforms.

Squaiz Ideas to enhance Corporate Videos:

Squaiz focuses to energize corporate production videos with the following attributes to enhance the business:

  • Fix the concept for which the video has to be created.
  • Plan the preproduction process with good scripts and storyboarding.
  • Finalize the budget to be allocated to create corporate videos.
  • Decide the location with the important participants of the video like, Directors, presenters, actors to make it suitable for the content.
  • Editing videos with necessary voice-over, music, and soundtrack compositions and adding graphics to make it attractive and effective to hit the target.

Corporate Video Classifications:

The major component of the corporate video is to which base of the business, the videos are created for. Know the necessity and implement the key factors to build the video professionally. Some of the contents in which we can create and classify videos are listed as follows:

About Us: About us page of our website explains the nature of the business we do and why customers need to reach us and the basic information about our business. But the “About Us” page is read by very few people. So, to break the shackles and make our business effectively, we can create a video on the About Us Page for a short duration of less than 2-3 minutes and present it to the customer.

FAQs: Often, we receive some repetitive questions in our social chat boxes and emails from our customers. So, to answer them and save time, we can create videos on the frequently asked questions and put them upfront for the customers.

Product and Services Demo: These videos can help us to promote the products and services with their description, price and explain the in and outs of the product and make the customers clear about the goods we deal with.

Customer Testimonials: The reach for your business will be high if your happy customers tell about their experiences by the usage of our business products and services rather than our explanations and promotional praises about the business we deal with. Making a video with customers' live experiences about our products and services has a trustful approach and enhances our promotional values.

Thus, Corporate Videos play a vital role in the modern-day business for an effective promotional fundamental.