Website Redesigning

Design: This is the technology we adapt to bring about the change in the website. There are several versions of new technologies used to design websites. Most popular technologies are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, J-Query, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Typescripts, 3D Maya, Photoshop, Flash script, and animations, etc., If the composition of a website is kept simple and neat, customer retention is not questionable anymore. The real stage of implementing the scope and wireframe is the design stage. So, Squaiz concentrates more on the design work with expert knowledge and experienced resources to work upon. Redesigning a website is framed based on the strategies and structure of the design to be implemented.

Copyrights: Our designs and websites are copyrighted to a specific client and we assure you the same design and output will not be given to any other. Such designs are fixed with the

minds of the end-users. So, displaying the same designs with logo, title card with similar nature is not advisable as they lead to confusions in the minds of the end-users. Our website redesign should be unique from competitors to stand at the top.

Analysis: Every website undergoing redesigning with Squaiz is kept under the analysis stage based on the client’s requests. The performance of the website should be monitored periodically to check the productivity of the website. If the site is going well and customer conversion is high then there is a very less chance for a redesign in the future. As we always work on a futuristic approach and concentrates on the durability of the project that is the existence of the completed ones for a long time existence, cost and overheads can be reduced.

A UI and UX design are the core of the structure of the website and set the theme of any business. As this a world of virtual stores, our websites are the real point for measuring the success of the business. It has to be designed in such a way that customers are attracted to a single visit. As the probability of visitors reaching a site 2nd time is very low, we must stand in the minds for the first time to make him repetitive to reach our sites. The only way to retain customers is to give the best appearance and user-friendly functions to the websites. Squaiz with its team of UI and UX experts makes the redesigning efficiently to result in the website pleasantly. Web redesigning is formulated only on the grounds of UI and UX designs most probably.

Current Trends and Technologies:

Web Redesigning is always subject to current trends and technologies. We must update our websites which are considered as the doorsteps of our business at a futuristic approach. Technologies used before 2 years are out of the world today. So, we must redesign a website with modern-day techniques. Some of the technologies Squaiz adapts in the process of Web redesign are listed as follows:

HTML: This is the most traditional method of design based on a platform for any kind of website from past to present scenario. They are used to develop a front end design. Every designer and developer has the basic knowledge of HTML to cover up any technologies. It is considered to be the most user-friendly language for any computer professionals.

CSS: Color patterns of font color and background are made easier with these style sheets. They help designers to bring a great theme platform for their designs. It is also a long-standing technology existing in the programming world.

Java Script: Javascript is the base of any development or designing technologies. It is used to place menus, dropdowns, sliders in basic level and appealingly helping designers and developers to structure their codes for any type of programming technique. Java script plays an integral part in UI and UX designs world. It sets the tone for all the modern-day technologies of Angular JS, Reacts Node JS, Node JS, etc.

Mobile Responsive Designs: In modern days, all the web and mobile applications are designed with responsive designs that help the user to view the websites in the full structure on both desktops and mobile phones.

Bootstrap is one of the recent terminologies often used in the design world to make websites achieve responsive designs. Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS is the design and development ruling the current IT world for their performance and less time-consuming process. Famous websites of Facebook, Twitter, and Google are adapted with such technologies. These design technologies are mainly framed to give a majestic appearance to the websites with simplicity. Every web redesigning module is adapted with these modern-day technologies. It speaks for its look and feels like a prime factor.

Any company needs to decide the technology to be implemented for the redesigning work. As the process of reframing the website is a lively process, we must be careful enough to choose a demanding technology. Of course, any business can be successful with high conversion rates but websites set the tone of it. In the modern world, the IT world is surrounded by futuristic technologies of block chain which is also sourcing up in our company. We have a team of designers who are involved in the research and development of adapting to new technologies.

Squaiz is also supporting a great deal in mobile application development with highly skilled resources to work on Android, IOS, Hybrid, and Ironic, react-native technologies. Though technologies are shifted, the performance and speed of our web redesigning websites are always at the peak of the throne.