Domain Registration

Domain Registration is an integral part of Web Development which sets the address of your Website. Once the websites are developed and hosted on the web, the server generates a numerical IP address for the files and websites spaced on the server. Our domain names are unique names also known as the Unique Resource Locator which is doing the process of connecting the IP address after typing them in the browser. In course of registering the domain name in the hosting process, it is very important to make the domain name registered in the minds of the end-users.

Squaiz suggests launching up the best Domain name to register:

Squaiz helps the clients with domain name registration and web hosting services at affordable

costs. Also, stimulates first-time registration with many offers and discounts and continues the same in the subsequent years for a cheaper deal. Some of the classifications of domain registration, we suggest for a cheaper and customized plan are as follows:

  • Top-Level Domain Name: Our domain names are end with .com, .edu, .org, .net, etc., we suggest such domain names to customers, if their business market is worldwide and is helpful to reach their products and services beyond borders. Such domains are comparatively costlier than the other forms. But, we can give a better price beating the competitors with good performance.
  • Country Code Top Level domain names: We suggest opting for such domain name plans if your business dealings are restricted within a country. We can give a cheaper price for specific country-related domain name registrations. Our domain names generally ends with the country code such as .us, .in, .uk, .au, .fr etc.,
  • New Top Level Domain Names: Our domain names are specifically end with the nature of the business we deal with. If the clients are specific to brand their business models in domain names, then we suggest them to opt for such customized and budget domain registrations. These domain names end with the business of the client like .travels, .voyage, .boutique, .steels, etc.,
  • Sub Domains: Our domain names have a prefix word before the actual domain name to register the nature of the task the website deal with. We suggest such names if it is necessary for the client to specify the task they perform. An example of such domain names is where mail stands before the actual domain name Google to denote the core of the website.

Fundamentals of a Good Domain Name: Squaiz suggests clients the best domain for the clients keeping in mind the following points to register in the minds of the customers:

  • Easy for the public to pronounce and sounds attractive.
  • Include your business core to make it professional.
  • Keep it short and crispy.
  • Check the availability and stay unique from competitors.
  • Consider Godaddy, Shopify, Dreamhost for a good domain name registration process.