Corporate Website Design

Corporate Website Design

How Squaiz makes your websites attractive?

Websites are an integral part of the promotion of the products or services of any business. So, we follow some customized rules to make your websites attractive as mentioned below:

Logo: The first thing which is visible for a visitor to notify on the website is the logo in the header section. It is considered as the eyes of the website. It has to be created with a high intensity of registering it in the minds of the end-user even if he moves out of the website. Squaiz has unique logo design resources that seem attractive and mind-blowing. As it is the initial point of success for an end-user to travel along to all pages of the website. It becomes the trademark of the business and sure it will be placed in all the places of the business-like letter pad pamphlets, notice boards, hoardings apart from the websites.

On seeing the logo design, the customer or end-user realizes the name and nature of the products or services. Logos are extremely vital and a well-designed logo makes your promotion easier and familiar to the user. Logo can be a design of alphabets, numbers, shapes, objects based on clients' ideas. Logos can be designed using the platforms of Photoshop, Flash, Corel draw, and much more.

Font Text:

The next crown of a website is the text style we use in the header section to the footer section. We can use bold, underlined, italic, or higher case text appearance to make it attractive and to grab the attention of the end-user. As we need to make the specific features of the websites to be highlighted, we can use such font style to make the visitors go through the specific notifications.

We need to grab the attention of the visitor within 15 seconds of visiting. If the website is not attractive, then they will click on to the next one. So, Squaiz focuses more on the highlighted text of the website to increase the interest of the visitor to go through the website in full. The highlighted text should also be impressive to induce the end-user to reach the vision of the client. Company name, Offers, discounts, sign up and other important notifications of the company have to be highlighted.

Navigation: When a website is created with multiple pages, a proper site map has to be displayed on all the pages wherein the visitor can navigate to the homepage and preferred pages from wherever they stand on the website. This will help the visitor to move across the website without confusion and if the way is clearly indicated, the chance of visitors skipping our website can be minimized. Squaiz clearly notifies the site map in all the websites created and clients are well informed about the navigation plan in the wireframe stage itself.

Color: The goal of attracting the visitor can be fulfilled only when the color of the website is attractive enough to grab the visitor to make it likable. Colors used in the background symbolize the color pattern used in the business and it sets brand values to the products or services promoted on the website. It can be also used to differentiate various feature or functionalities implemented in the website along with signals of success or failure, active or nonactive, enabled or non enabled, etc., Colors are considered to be an emotional factor of the visitor and appealing contrast text font will increase the interest of the visitor to go through the website from top t bottom. We focus a lot on the color combination as it sets the tone of the website.