Online Marketing

Squaiz’s Strategy for your Business:

Squaiz is well-reputed in the web designing industry for its after-sales service. Yes, our work is not over merely by developing a website or a product and hand over it to the hands of the customer. Instead, we support them in all corners of digital marketing to build up the brand awareness for their websites and work for page ranking in Google too. We have formulated certain strategies for a new and existing business which also suits to small as well as large business sectors. Some of the key factories of our strategies are listed below:

  • Trial and Error: The most commonly used strategy for a new business is to attempt digital marketing and learn from the results obtained. It is a commonly used strategy to find out which is a suitable platform for a business to promote its products or services. Within a short period, we can find the results, traffic, productivity using many data sources methods, and inbuilt tools of analytics to establish the plan for the future. After observing the result of the trial and error method, we can choose the right mode of advertisement to cover up the target audience which in turn increases conversion rates.
  • Competitors Drive: We have a clear study about the competitors market which helps us to know about the competitor's ideas, key factors of success, their choice of digital marketing, keywords analysis, content styles, promotional tools in social media platforms, etc., which serves us with the comparative study of the market with our competitors. With the help of such records, we can formulate a unique strategy to overcome the cut-throat competition of the world market.
  • Meeting the Standards: Before getting into the world of digital marketing, we must be in a place to assess the website or a product which we are going to promote meets the respective standards. In all platforms like Google Page rankings, Social media platforms, and for free and paid promotions, they verify whether the promoted products or websites meet the standards and high in quality to place in such platforms. So, Squaiz confirms and ensure s quality from our testing team’s assurance before starting up the process of digital marketing. Once the quality is fulfilled, we can start a promotion which turns into expected results.

5 Basic Tools of Digital Marketing:

The World is wide open to all business owners and provides equal opportunities using the internet and digital marketing to promote their products and services. Some basic 5 categories of digital marketing which every company holds hands to relate the websites or products to reach globally are listed as follows:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the basic fundamental technique of digital marketing. No other digital marketing runs positive without the help of SEO. This mode helps startup companies and small-scale business owners to promote their products easily and affordably.

Email Marketing: This has a wider scope and very popular among digital marketing tycoons as it reaches the doorsteps or inbox of the customers frequently and has a higher chance of customer’s visits to your websites by just a click. Then it is in the hands of the websites or products to grab attention towards it and serves as a platform of conversion.

Keywords and Content Optimization: Most of the companies in the world are found successful because they understand the pulse of the customers and place appropriate keywords that their customers search. Also, the contents posted by them are unique and make the websites listed on the search engine result page. If we target the right keywords and focus on the contents posted, there is no point of pitfalls in digital marketing.

Social Media Campaigns: Though the world is surrounded by water for a proportion of 3/4th in area. Every individual in such an area is always surrounded by social media for a proportion of 2/4th in a day. So, the best choice of promoting and building brand awareness for your products is to list them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., It results in higher returns for the investment.

Mobile Marketing: There is no other thing except a mobile in this world that is so close to us. Yes, it is the ultimate source for any marketer to promote their products through SMS and WhatsApp for quick results and response.

Digital Marketing Experts in Squaiz:

The experts in Squaiz who performs digital marketing possess various skills and they are excellent to perform the following tasks successfully:

CRM Skills: Customer Relationship Management is the heartbeat of any business. Any digital marketing expert who performs such digital marketing techniques must be excel in Customer relation and should have their tastes, preferences, what they like and dislike, how long they stay in a website, and their search terminologies in fingertips. Many readymade CRM tools are being developed to be in close contact with the customers and acts as a bridge between the business and the end-user.

Web Designing Skills: Every expert who deals with digital marketing must have basic knowledge of designing platforms. They should have an infrastructural idea of how a website should look like and should know basic skills of Photoshop, HTML, and Illustrator to apply minor changes which helps them to minimize time and dependency on designers.

Pulse Quotes: Attraction can be fulfilled only when it is implemented. Words with inducing quotes like “Never Before, Never Again” attract customers towards the websites or products. So, digital marketer possesses such vocabulary skills to grab the customers to the business.

Writing and Editing Skills: This skill of our experts is achieved to perform the tasks of SEO and SEM techniques. With the help of good writing and editing skills, they customize and create keyword density and implementation for reaching the customer demands and requests.

Social Media Skills: Social media acts as the backbone of any digital marketing. So, experts in our team are organized with extraordinary social media knowledge which helps the promotion process successful with good results.

End Results: Our team targets results based on data analytics and proper channels to track the traffic and complete the database of the customer. This gives time to time report and comparative study of customer retention year after year. Such expert observation helps the clients for a futuristic approach.