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Revamp a Website

Why Squaiz?

Squaiz is a renowned web designing company that serves as a solution for all your virtual business proposals. We study the trend ongoing and sets the theme of our websites to win the cutthroat competitions. The key factors of business owners or individuals to choose Squaiz are listed below:

Cost: Every business is subject to the budget and cost of any project. Only if it is profitable, the business will grow. Squaiz always has the cheapest costing plans which serve customers without compromising in quality. Customers can derive cost in the matters related to:

  • Cost per acquisition of an end-user: This has to be included in the product manufacturing cost as it’s the integral marketing channel. Only then, it will be easy for them to realize the business is going in a fairway or not.
  • Average Customer Value: It is the measure of the purchasing power of a customer. That is on average how much a customer or end-user will purchase through your website. We must be clear in thought before going for redesigning the model. As we will have data in our hands, it will be easy for us to judge the performance of the website as well as the product of the business.


Squaiz never compromises in quality irrespective of small or large applications, low or high projects. We serve the best at all times. Quality is measured through the performance of the site, appearance, visitor’s engagement, SEO traffic, conversion rates, etc., and another important factor that has to be noted before redesigning is the speed of the website. If the site is not loading within 3 seconds of the click, the visitor will jump to another. So, we improvise quality by improving the speed of the redesigned website.

Project Duration: Systematic plan for project duration will be framed and given to the client once the scope and wireframe are made ready. Time is one of the key factors for any individual or business owner to choose us as we complete projects within the stipulated time.

Customer Friendly: Squaiz is proceeding successfully in the IT industry is only because of its customer-friendly attitude. We feel customers as the king of our business and explain the pros and cons of Web redesigning to implementation in a prescribed simple format. We also educate them in SEO traffics, customer retention and conversion rates increase after completing the website launch.

Customized Approach: We move the hand in hand with customers to decide upon the ideas and samples brought by them. The application may be for an affiliate marketing site, e-commerce site, or any domain, but we work with the customer and gives the output in a customized way. We don’t deny their ideas or stick to the basic fundamental works we have in hand. We act smoothly with the customers to bring their ideas to reality.

Consolidated Process of Squaiz:

Simply, Squaiz consolidates the process of Web Redesigning in the following terminologies:

  • Idea: We suggest the client come out with an idea of why this website is redesigned and what is the necessity as well as the business plan for which the website is redesigned. The clarity in redesigning a website is vital because it sets the tone for the end goal of the business.
  • Innovation: The uniqueness of a website is not based on the appearance of it, but the product or service consisting of the core of the website is more important. We concentrate on the content, look, and fabulous feel of the website. The business owner must figure out a profitable product or services to be displayed which stands out from competitors. In modern days, end-users don’t expect different things but they expect things differently. Creativity is the first discipline of web redesigning.
  • Intention: The intention should be clear in the minds of the clients for which the website is redesigned. The end goals of reaching the target audience like collecting their information, selling, or purchase of a product must be defined with a systematic approach. This can also be done with psychological factors of framing, priming the end-users accustomed to your approach. In this way, you can expect the customer or the end-user to pronounce your decisions in prior. Once these steps are clarified, customer conversion rates will increase as they feel they are the decision-makers.
  • Implementation: In this phase, Squaiz converts all the ideas and thoughts of the clients to reality. Developing the scope of redesigning to reality is possible in this stage with the help of a wireframe. We split the project tasks into milestones and close them phase by phase with confirmation from the client.
  • Investigation: Final stage of the redesigning module is to test the output and closing up the project successfully. Verifying the scope and checking the operations for each functionality in life with the approval of the client signing off the project leads to a win-win situation.

After coming to a close, we support website owners in the future maintenance of the website and help them to track its real-time performance too.

Squaiz’s ultimate goal is to reach the vision of the customers in time. Understanding the reality of the business world in the virtual model, we create websites and frames redesigning strategies matching the futuristic trends and technologies. The strongest mode of reaching the end-user today is the web application platform. So, we make it a successful one as we believe customer referral is our strongest marketing channel.

On learning the art of converting the client's dreams to reality, our web developers are qualified and expert in their careers. We used to collect all your ideas and suggestions to implement perfect web redesign to bring up your business in high profit. Our systematic approach will be notified to all our customers for starting a happy journey with us. Call us for more information to know more about your web design as well as web redesign improvement. Your satisfaction is our priority so; we are looking forward to know your requirement!!