UI/UX Design

UI / UX Design Chennai

UI UX Design is the front-end layer of a website that interacts with the user or the customer with the appearance of the website. Both UI UX grounds up from the same root but they have vast differences between them.

UI Design:

Interaction between user and product to perform any task presented through the interface is called User Interface. Our UI Design stands at the primary and secondary color base and performs the task of problem-solving through design. We present a glossy look and feel to the product or a website is the core job of the User Interface module. We set the external appearance of the product to elevate the goal of the product. UI deals more with color knowledge, typography, grid design, brand design, etc., UI concentrates more on visual

communication between the customer and the product. We speak about the display of menus, site map navigation, and easy accessibility within the product.

UX Design:

Interaction between the user and the product dealing with technical, psychological, logical, and analytical aspects to solve the problems is called the User Experience design. User experience as the name suggests stems from the real experience of the user and invariably measures customer satisfaction by usability, traffic, and high conversion rates. Our UX design focuses more on the strategy and the content to be presented to the user to retain his interest in the product. It also helps as a tool to generate reports on competitor and customer analysis blueprints. Our UX mounts an internal design terminology by wire framing and prototyping the product.

Squaiz in UI UX platforms:

Squaiz Technology provides extensive support in building the product with glossy UI UX design to interact with the customer and delivers it with current trends and technologies. We offer the user the best sources of design with Virtual and augmented reality. Our users can feel and experience the product before the actual procurement of it. Some of the technologies used in designing the products are listed below:

  • HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap: Our technologies are structured to design the front-end display of the website or product with attractive font color, layouts, drop-down menus, and visual communication with a good look and feel.
  • J-Query, JavaScript: Our technologies set the base for web graphical designs to interact with the user with logical and psychological aspects.
  • Angular, React and Node JS Technologies: Our technologies are the recent developments in the designing world to work more on virtual reality and augmented reality of the products.

Our UI and UX design set the backbone of any business in the digital attractive World!