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Content Writing

Content Writing is one of the most populous sources of marketing channels used in digital platforms. It can be in many forms like blog posting, general articles writing, web content writing, etc., In whatever forms contents are written, the core benefit of writing contents is fulfilled only if it takes the customers to our business by increasing web traffic and conversion rates. Content Writing plays a vital role in SEO platforms. Ranking a site in Google and making our websites and mobile apps familiar to result in the 1st page of a search engine is coined as Search Engine optimization. It is made possible only through the right choice of keywords, title, and description in the contents posted. If we post our content frequently and consistently on the websites and social media platforms, then it results in a good connection with the customers by increasing web traffic and conversion rates. The only thing we must focus on our content is it should be unique from competitors and invites the readers to read. Keywords and targeted audience in the contents are the key process indicators of content writing marketing platforms.

The base of every content should have the targeted keywords as it drives the visitor to our websites at right time. The words comprising in the contents have to be crisp and easily understandable. Also, it should give the readers the required information about the products or services we deal with.

Squaiz’s Logics towards Content Writing:

Squaiz Technology focuses more on content writing as it sets the tone for customers to visit our websites. There are many key points to be kept in mind while writing contents which are discussed below:

  • Find your Niche: The first and foremost thing we must target in content writing is to find the right Niche. The category in which our contents are going to be placed matters a lot as it brings the visitors to our websites in the core. So, we shall work on the category and place our contents as per the Niche. It may be of any kind of category of customer’s preference, but the only thing is it should be popular among the searches in the active web world.
  • Target Audience: The contents should reach the respective audience in time. We must concentrate more on the tastes, demographics, demanding words to fix and reach the target audience. If we focus on the right audience and reach them in time, our job is half done. So, fix the audience to whom the products or services are subjected.
  • Keywords Research: Keywords are an integral part of any contents as it is the ultimate weapon that brings the targeted audience to our websites which results in higher traffics and conversion rates. A keyword analysis is a key factor and the targeted keywords should match with the customer’s emotions and preferences. It may be a single word or multiple words that connect with the searches of the customers.
  • Title: Title is also as much important as keywords. It is also the pulling factor that brings in potential customers to our websites. So, the title should be attractive and even it should connect the emotions and tastes of the customers.
  • Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis is a vital process to succeed in any business. In course of content writing, we must look at our competitor's contents and analyze to which are the factors that bring visitors to their websites like targeted keywords, title, and description. Then, we shall plan to outdate their contents and make ours a primary source for the visitors. When the right customers are targeted with the right title and keywords, the results will stand optimistic and educates us on the right plan for the future.
  • Frequent Posting of Contents: The contents should be frequently posted on our web page or blogs to make it active as per trends. We can change keywords and titles as per changes that prevail in the market and post content frequently for a good reach.
  • Consistency: Consistency in posting blogs and the targeted keywords should meet the trends and tastes of the customers. The visitors can reach our websites through the SEO process can be a continuous process only when the posting contents are consistent to connect with current standards.