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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a process through which products and services or information are shared, exchanged, transferred, purchase, sales are made with a wide range of online platforms. In simple, it is the modern way of the trade from the buyer to the seller through digital platforms. The World in the modern days is closer to each other by digital internet magic, even though their geographical distance is vast.

Before 50 years, the products are manufactured and consumed only in a specific region or locality. Now, the digital revolution brings about a change with the idea of manufacturing the product for the whole world. There is a statement, “If a product is marketed through the right online channel, it can make a beggar to a billionaire”. Yes, that’s true; we have a lot of live examples of real-time experiences that bring revolutionary big markets to their business. There is no business promoted in modern days without Digital Marketing.

The core function of digital marketing is to promote the products to a wide range of customers and to convert them into potential prospects. Digital marketing is a modern methodology of business which is termed as the backbone of any business to survive even in any seasons of prosperity or a pandemic. Such marketing techniques can be performed through various channels like Search Engine Optimization, Email campaigns, Social media platforms, etc., as our world is inter-connected through online channels, digital marketing is the sound technique to reach the target audience at right time right place. This consumes a small portion of the company’s budget and returns more than the cost occurred to utilize them.

Do you need Digital Marketing for your Business?

The question framed as “Do you need, Digital Marketing to your Business” is framed to eradicate it out of the confused minds of the entrepreneurs. Yes, it is very essential for any business whether a small scale or a big fish, if digital marketing is not performed, then it results in a deficit to the business. Business operations and trade are taking place between a buyer and a seller from one end of the world to the other. Products and services related to pin to Pen and Pen to Car are being traded in this modern world. Payments are being transferred within a fraction of seconds to complete the business. Digital currencies are even in business nowadays. The online business from anywhere is possible if a customer has a desire and when digital marketing is followed well to reach them.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing:

Before getting into the methods of traditional and digital marketing, let’s know what Marketing is all about. The process by which you promote a product or services through an appropriate channel to reach the consumer in turn to complete the act of trading is known as Marketing.

World of business has come across various advertisement campaigns and forms to create brand awareness of their products and services. Traditional marketing is the default method of Newspaper Ads, Sign Boards, Television Ads, pamphlets, etc., after the reach of computers and the internet, marketing has taken its rapid transition from traditional methods to a digital one. Digital Marketing is playing a major role in marketing with some allied supports from Traditional marketing methods. Some of the factors that substantiate the presence of digital marketing more than traditional marketing are discussed below:

  • A traditional marketing method reaches the audience in a particular region or locality whereas Digital marketing covers the whole world in a fraction of a second and always has a wide reach.
  • The cost of publishing Traditional Advertisements is always higher than the cost incurred by digital marketing.
  • We can target and reach the required customers by specific features like age, location, income, groups in digital marketing whereas it is not possible to categorize the customers in traditional marketing.
  • The time taken to reach the business market in digital marketing is very faster than traditional marketing.
  • Digital Marketing can display a wide range of products on one website which is not possible in traditional marketing.
  • A conversion rate is always higher in digital marketing when compared to traditional methods.
  • We can measure the result with accurate data in digital marketing wherein traditional methods even fails in this regard.