Magento Website Design

Magento Website Design

Magento refers to an open-source application of an eCommerce platform which deals with the large scale of business to sell their products online in high volume and in a secured way of online transactions. Websites developed through Magento are specifically purposed for eCommerce platforms along with the unique features of catalog management, multi-store capability, multi-language options, and deals with complex configurable products. It has default themes and easy to access both in community and enterprise versions.

Squaiz develops Magento Websites :

Squaiz Technology develops Magento websites as a business solution for large-scale eCommerce stores, inventory and stock management, managing contents, and SEO process.

We develop online store applications with high quality and in a customized way. If you are looking for a business website with well-designed layouts, a landing page, well-operated admin panels for managing and editing contents, then Squaiz is the ultimate solution to meet out your demands in full. Following are the exclusive features of our Magento website to satisfy current trends and demands:

  • Listing of Products: We used to develop specifically for large listing products. If your niche is vast, then we suggest a Magento website as a remedy.
  • Payment Gateway: We have a greater potential to deal with payment gateway integrations such as Paypal, PayUmoney, etc., we can support customers to choose the right option as per the demands of the client.
  • Server: Our Magento websites are dealing with a large volume of business; it requires a higher-end and greater space in the server for an awesome performance of the website. Squaiz provides extensive support in server approach and maintenance
  • Security: We are comparatively secured with other eCommerce platforms.
  • CMS: Our content management system is also one of the crowned features of a Magento website as it is attached with a well-defined admin panel to manage and edit contents as per the demands of the client’s business.
  • Shipping and Report Generation: Our Magento platforms are excelled to handle shipping modules and report generation modules.
  • Cost: The cost incurred to develop a Magento website stands moderate and worth full value for the money spent.
  • Other Features: We are here to get ready with a high-class website that delivers the features of complete customer management, marketing and sales attributes, coupon code facility, tax management, and well-organized Ecommerce application.

We assure you of giving the best solution for an E-commerce website at affordable costs and with a glossy finish. We can also install required and specific plugins and extensions to the website in a quick time with easy accessibility.