Email Marketing Lead Generation Chennai

Email Marketing Lead Generation

Email Marketing is the technique followed in digital marketing platforms for a long period. 70% of the internet users are entitled to have their email ids. So, marketing through emails plays a vital role in the digital world. Even before the inception of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, we are so familiar with email marketing. Somewhere or the other, we will check our emails in regular intervals. By that time, if the marketing emails seem attractive with required text, images, etc., certainly it leads to high conversion rates.

It can reach a wider audience in few seconds across the world. Just send your requirement in their inbox and get immediate response from them to make your feature out to the world.

How to run Email Marketing Campaign:

Email marketing campaign consists of various steps to make it successful as listed below:

  • Generate Leads: First and foremost thing that email marketing does is generating leads of prospects. We can develop a database by asking the viewers to fill up a simple form. We can use their contact information like emails to promote our products and services. If our emails and websites are attractive, we can convert leads to prospects.
  • Send Information: Use email marketing campaigns and share information about our business and products with customers frequently. It gives them a reputation about our existence and channelizes our products with them.
  • Promote Products: As we have created bondage with the customers through our frequent emails, now promote our products and services with mail chimp campaigns for conversion.

Squaiz and Email Marketing:

Squaiz believes in some KPIs for making email marketing a successful one. Those key process indicators are listed below:

  • Delivery Rate: Our delivery rate should be more than 95% on the right path to reach the customers. If our delivery is bounced or not sent to the right customers, then-campaign will not be effective. So, make our delivery rate higher for a good conversion rate.
  • Open Rate: Once the email is delivered, subscribers or customers should open our emails to create traffic to our websites. The open rate of our emails can be improved with the creative text, images accustomed with the subject, the content of emails, etc.,
  • Click through Rate: After improving the open rate, we must engage our viewers to enter our websites with appropriate links in the emails. This leads to real conversion and will have a huge positive impact on the campaign.
    • Soft Bounce: Soft bounce can happen when our or recipients have server errors and mail is not delivered successfully.
    • Hard Bounce: This can happen when the mail Id of the customer is found incorrect. Both bounce rates should be minimized to less than 3% of one campaign.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce rate can be measured in two methods as follows :
  • Unsubscribe Rate: Once our emails are promoted to customers, we may check that few customers get unsubscribed from our emails. So, we must reduce unsubscribe rate through personalized emails.