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SMS Campaign

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing techniques promoted from the inception of mobile phones in the world. Every individual who uses mobile phones is mandatorily checking their message inbox for their needs and requirements. As the name itself suggests, it’s a Short messaging service but has a larger worth for the money spent. Every business from small scale to big tycoons uses SMS marketing as the primary tool for

promoting their products and services. People in this modern world are eagerly waiting for such SMS during festival seasons to know about the discounts and offers provided by the business houses. The chance of customers reading the SMS is high and many of them even share it with their friends and family members. So, it is coined as an effective and less time-consuming technique.

We can send SMS to as many contacts based on the package chosen by the customer. The process of sending marketing SMS to a group of contacts is known as the Bulk SMS package. These packages are quick to reach the recipients in less time and are considered to be a cost-effective technique too. With all the attractive words and reasonable discounts, business houses can make this SMS marketing a successful one.

Squaiz’s Approaches SMS Marketing to Customers:

Squaiz provides various bulk SMS packages to its customers starting from 1000 SMS package to the preferred choice of the customer. They can choose 5000, 10,000 as per their needs and requirements. The cost of each package differs from one another. Squaiz provides two sets of SMS packages as follows:

  • Promotional SMS Packages: This is the package in which the message will be delivered to all the recipients except to those who have subscribed “Do not disturb” option.
  • Transactional SMS Packages: This is a package where messages will be delivered to all the recipients.

Features of SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing comprises of the listed features to make the process a successful one:

  • Upload Contacts: Once you have decided to opt for the SMS Marketing campaign, you can upload the numbers of the audience or customers to whom the SMS has to be sent through the upload contacts option from an excel file or a text file. As per the bulk SMS packages chosen, you can choose the desired contacts.
  • Duplicates Removed: As the contact list is limited to packages chosen, you can avoid duplicate recipient numbers to avoid repetitions. This can be automatically screened in the campaign setups.
  • Letters Limit: As per SMS concepts, each message contains 160 letters in English and limited to 70 for other regional languages. So, we must give the content in an attractive and crispy way.
  • Schedule Time: Once the setup and content of the message is fixed, we can choose the “Send now” option to send SMS immediately or we can also schedule the time for sending the SMS as per our wish.
  • User Management: We can also add or remove contact numbers through the user management list in the campaign. Sending SMS to the right person at the right time is a key factor for success.
  • Reports: SMS marketing campaign also provides delivery acknowledgment reports to know the sender to how many recipients’ messages are delivered successfully. It can be activated for all active contacts list for sending immediately option as well as schedule time option.
  • Launch Campaign: Once every step of the SMS marketing campaign is set, we can launch the campaign on board for desired results. Based on the results of lead generation and conversion rates, we can switch to the preferred Bulk SMS packages for our business.